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Customer Engagement

Wunderman is rated as the closest agency to what is emerging as Customer Engagement Agency by Forrester Research.

CEA stands for focusing on customer-oriented business strategies and mapping them to tactics and execution. We help clients maximize customer profitability and optimize customer experiences by applying data and analytics to every interaction.
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We Are Different,
Because We Deal With…

Whole Consumer

Essentially, the Whole Consumer is our strategic planning framework. The consumer that engages and communicates with the brand along multiple channels is our domain.

Emotional & Connected Data

We focus not on collecting data on historical behavior, but on connecting data to anticipate how, where and when to engage consumers in the future.

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We offer and execute digital services mashed together to suit the solution we provide. Capabilities serve for the KPI, not vice versa.


Wunderman İstanbul is
Wunderman Global

We act as an organic extension of Wunderman Global and all agencies in the network. We provide local relevance with global network expertise, best experience, know-how.
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The Team

Ogan Güner
Ogan Güner Managing Partner
Elif Ertem
Elif Ertem Managing Partner
Feza Yanık Kuş
Feza Kuş CFO
Taylan Kurt
Taylan Kurt Data & Insights
Çağatay Kıyıcı
Çağatay Kıyıcı Performance Marketing
Data & Insights – Director
Onur Murat Bekem
Murat Bekem Project Manager
Özge Akın
Özge Akın Project Manager
Betül Beyza Demir
Can Ateş Consumer Engagement
Reha Erbatur
Reha Erbatur Senior Art Director
Kemal Murat Hersan
Uğur Şeker Art Director
Şenol Gül
Şenol Gül Head of Technology
Billur Bolu
Ayşenur Tuna Content Creation
Billur Bolu
Doruk Çuhadar Loyalty Manager
İclal Bilgin
İclal Bilgin Accounting & Finance Manager
Mert Caner
Mert Caner Social Community Manager

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Wunderman - Fırın Sk No:51, Bomonti, İstanbul - Türkiye

+90 212 315 07 77
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